In a G-String dress, Flavia Alessandra exposes her toned body to the sun and lifts the mood with beauty

In a G-String dress, Flavia Alessandra exposes her toned body to the sun and lifts the mood with beauty

The actress this Saturday (11). Flavia Alessandra, 48, charmed a large crowd of her fans and admirers by posing entirely in a delicate light blue bikini, while she took advantage of the sunny day to freshen up her skin tone. At that time she was a wife Octavian Costa She made waves with her flat stomach in front of the camera lens and received more than 70,000 likes from netizens.

“Restore energy to start next projects!”he wrote Flavia Alessandra In the caption of the post, she highlighted her dancing curves and round butt in sunny recordings, in addition to attracting attention with all her abundant beauty and blonde locks. In the comments, praise poured in for the star.


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“Saturday with lots of sun and beauty,” One fan wrote first. “Flavia Alessandra always transmits so much light and beauty to her fans!” Another prominent netizen. “Summer hasn’t even arrived, but he’s already dealing with this wonderful woman.” Another follower praised the international actress, among several positive messages.

It is worth noting that in a recent interview, Flavia Alessandra He talked about his contract with TV Globo. “I’ve been employed by Globo for a long time, so I have a series of restrictions in my contract. A series of benefits, but a series of restrictions. Just like streaming companies, they have already baked that into their contracts. Sometimes [o contrato do streaming] “It is worse than the Globo contract in terms of restrictions.” She said as she celebrated her renewal.

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