Farm 13: Erasmo Viana of Production “reprimanded” after Bill asked about BBB: “I didn’t even mention the announcer”; Watch!

Fazenda Erasmo Bil

Bishop’s Station No kidding! This Wednesday (15), Erasmus Viana Already received a production money “Farm 13”. The participant indicated that his ear was withdrawn after the interrogation Bill Araujo Over the “Big Brother Brazil”. Geez!

The two talked about the cold in the Itapecerica da Serra area, which was worse due to the air conditioning in the reality premises. That’s when Erasmo wanted to know about “BBB” studios. “But over there, over there, he walked straight, didn’t he, brother?”asked pointing to Globo TV. but Archipano He stated that the situation was the opposite: “It’s different there, it’s hot there”.

The conversation between Arcripiano and Erasmo Viana ended in an ear-tugging. (Photo: Play/R7/PlayPlus)

The country’s “most watched house” theme continued, even taking on the lights at “BBB’s” house, until the live broadcast was muted. Once the voice returned, Erasmus seemed to complain about what might be a reprimand from the production. “It was just like that, I just spoke to Bill. But I didn’t tell the station, old man.”, lamented.

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At this point, the influential Victor Pecoraro advised not to respond after getting his attention, as this could make the situation worse. “We have to learn what, when we listen, we don’t respond”, He said. “Does this not generate punishment or is there still no punishment?”, Asked Lesian Gutierrez. “I think these little things don’t generate punishment”Another piece answered. Watch the excerpt:

On the web, not many people let the moment pass by either. “There’s no way, the ranch folks always talk about BBB”, said netizen Bruna. “Erasmus never showed up so when he does he’s reprimanded by the production for asking about BBB for Bil”, to another profile in Twitter.

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Yes, by the way, the rule should be to watch and punish … literally. hahahahaha

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