Find out about the house where BBB24's Daffy Brito lives

Find out about the house where BBB24's Daffy Brito lives

David Britol BBB24He lives in a modest house on the outskirts of Salvador, Bahia. The property provided by the participant's mother-in-law has a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms. On networks, it is possible to check logs, however Land Photo gallery prepared for you.

Duffy's wife, Manny Rego, owns a snack stand and says the routine at home involves a lot of rushing and little rest.

“Monday to Friday, we wake up at 5 a.m. and prepare breakfast to sell at the snack stand. He picks me up and helps me in the first few hours, then goes to work as an app driver and comes back in the late afternoon to clean and close. We went home together and rested a bit.” , she said in an interview with Ana Luisa Santiago of the newspaper. the world.

Davi Brito, BBB24 participant

Image: Globeplay

According to her, there is no time to rest, as preparations for the next day will begin soon.

“At night, we start preparing snacks and organizing them for the next day. When the employee is absent, he takes his place. On Saturday we take care of the house and buy replacement materials and goods for the tent. On Saturday night, when we can, we go out to enjoy some bars in El Salvador. On Sunday, we walked on the beach. But not all of them, because Davey works in many of them as a driver.”

Source: Redacao Terra

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