Fan experiences R$1,400 scam from fake Kevin Costner in United Kingdom; understand

Fan experiences R,400 scam from fake Kevin Costner in United Kingdom;  understand

A woman says she lost a lot of money after being targeted by fraudsters who were allegedly linked to a famous Hollywood star and his crew. Eileen Leeks, 63, who lives in Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK, told the BBC she had been a fan of Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner for the past two years.

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According to the BBC, a few months ago, she began stalking a Facebook page she believed belonged to the 69-year-old Oscar winner. He said he was inundated with news that he had to buy a £100 voucher to become an official fan. Leakes was told that doing so would give him a chance to meet the actor in person.

“I was upset so I let him because I wasn't going to meet him until I got the cards, so I bought two for £100 each,” he told the BBC.

Leakes told the station that he had been duped and that he had received a message [para realmente conhecer Costner] I have to buy another VIP membership card for £1,000 (about R$7,000).

– I thought he was joking, he was a millionaire – he told the BBC.

Elaine Leakes, Kevin Costner fan and fraud victim – Photo: Photo: Elaine Leakes

The scam took an even stranger turn when Leakes received a video call from someone she initially believed to be Costner.

– His face moved, so I thought it was really him. He was sitting in a chair in his office and walking around: he said, 'This is Kevin Costner and you've been duped' – he told the BBC. The cast contacted him and said that the person was not him and that they were scammers using his face and voice to deceive fans.

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After reporting the scam, Leakes told the BBC she was contacted again by the fraudsters on a private messaging service, promising her a job and an apartment in the US.

— I thought, 'I can't believe this, what's going on?' If fans think they can get jobs and apartments in America, they have a lot to lose. “I'm unemployed and I've lost a lot of money, so I'm not very happy,” he told the BBC.

The BBC has contacted representatives for Costner.

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