The hack bans flights with DR, UK, South Africa and other countries

The Dutch government extended the embargo on Thursday Netherlands and the United Kingdom, South Africa and the Dominican Republic, As well as much of South America, until April 1, in an effort to prevent the spread of new corona virus mutations circulating in those areas.

In a letter to parliament, the administrator explained that the ban on air traffic would be extended for another four weeks United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana, as well as Panama and the Dominican Republic.

The move comes on the recommendation of the Pandemic Management Team (OMT), which advises management to take appropriate action within a year to stop the spread of infections, in which case the potential corona virus that imports variants is already more contagious than those circulating in the EU.

The ban applies under the same conditions that came into effect on January 23, so it does not apply to exceptions for air transport, health workers or patients in need of medical treatment in the Netherlands, or Dutch residents. Or to citizens planning to return to the country or to citizens of the Schengen area who are European “transporting to another country” and whose final destination is the Netherlands

However, the official recommendation of the Dutch government was to avoid going abroad and abroad in order to prevent the spread of the virus. “It is strongly recommended not to travel to the Netherlands unnecessarily,” it says on its website.

The Dutch administrator extended the Dutch prison sentence and daily curfew until March 15. The local time was extended to 9:00 pm (20:00 GMT) and 04:30 (03:30 GMT), although from yesterday it allowed hairdressers and other professionals to massage or Return to get clients with health activities, such as contact tattoo centers.

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The stores, which closed in mid-December to prevent the spread of the virus due to Christmas shopping, reopened somewhat yesterday, were only able to gain customers by appointment and with the capacity limit for a site, some businesses did not decide to reopen because the number of recipients did not cover the costs.

In addition, pressure is mounting on the executive to allow the terraces to reopen as soon as good weather begins, which provoked several bars and restaurants last Tuesday to open their terraces to the public against restrictions, although most close immediately due to threats of fines.

A study by I&O Research and a study released this Thursday found that six out of ten Dutch people believe that the terraces of restaurants and cafes can be safely opened.

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