Ex-BBB says reality show ended Arthur Aguiar’s life: ‘The man is still suffering’

Ex-BBB says reality show ended Arthur Aguiar's life: 'The man is still suffering'


The negative campaign against Arthur Aguiar had repercussions for former BBB participants; In a podcast, someone insisted on defending the winner of the BBB 22

Arthur Aguiar has been suffering from a hate campaign on social media since winning a BBB award
© Reproduction / GlobeArthur Aguiar has been suffering from a hate campaign on social media since winning a BBB award

Arthur Aguiar won the BBB 22 in the first half of this year, but since before entering the program, the actor and singer has been criticized by a lot of the public. The fact that he won first prize on a reality show It did not reduce the disapproval experienced by this part of the population – on the contrary, the victory only intensified the attacks..

This week, Arthur was defended by another ex-BBB who suffered from cancellation on social networks: Nego Di gave an interview to the podcast “Noir” and talked about how the program allegedly Destroys the careers of famous artists who accept to participate in Grupo Camarote as it was with him.

“It was our last big reality show, Our Version. The Farm was bad then, this year’s BBB was bad. There’s a hard time acting, established artists aren’t going anymore. The reality has turned out to be a positive for the broadcaster, but for those out there, it’s just downhill.Nego Di, who was disqualified from BBB 21 with one of the biggest gravity rejections.

“It’s only good for popcorn”

then, Comedian Arthur Aguiar is quoted to complement his point and defend the actor and singer: “Arthur won and look at the hate [ódio] The man is still suffering. Reality ends a man’s life. It’s only good for a guy who pops popcorn and gets famous and manages to win something,” he commented.

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Arthur won the BBB 22 in a dispute against Paulo Andre and Douglas Silvawho formed the artist’s main group inside the house, along with Pedro Scobe. At the end of the program, most of the former brothers have moved away from the herowith the right even to cause confusion during the party promoted by the general manager, Where the supposed PA and Scooby withdrew with the arrival of Myra Cardi’s husband.

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