Discover the new development involving Ana María Braga and Globo's daughter

Discover the new development involving Ana María Braga and Globo's daughter

The controversy involving the broadcaster's daughter Ana Maria BragaAnd Mariana Maveis and Globo had a new chapter during the afternoon of Friday (24). During the program “A Tarde É Sua”, columnist Alessandro Lo Bianco revealed Globo's position regarding the yoga teacher's sermons. According to the journalist, Radio Rio claimed that it did not interrupt or mistreat the daughter of the “Mais Você” broadcaster.

Lo Bianco confirmed that he spoke to more than one source within Globo, all of whom stated that they had never boycotted Mariana Mafiès. “That story doesn't exist. We don't know where she got it from. We never interrupted her, and were always very good to her“, said a source from the columnist. It turns out that some protocols have now changed inside the station and some requirements are being put in place for visits.


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For security reasons, even other artists' children need to go through a certain amount of “bureaucracy” to access the company's facilities. The broadcaster also stated that she was unable to speak with Ana Maria Braga after this situation Mariana's conversation with RecordBut Radio Rio guaranteed that it would follow up on the interview with the broadcaster's daughter.

Alessandro Lo Bianco even asked one of his sources if the agenda prepared by Record with Mariana was for Globo, would it be interesting? Announcer. According to the writer, the Rio Channel will indeed be of interest. It is worth noting here that Mariana Mavis spoke about motherhood and her more natural and healthy lifestyle away from the city.

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Globo not only expressed interest, but also stated that it could transfer the agenda to the “Globo Repórter”. The broadcaster is trying to include more health-related topics in its Friday show. In fact, the channel confirmed that the matter is not something they will deny.

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