Ericsson takes Apple case to UK

Apple e Ericsson

After processing Apple For patent infringement in five countries (including Brazil), Swedish Ericsson Cupertino has now extended its lawsuit against the company UKIt will continue to seek compensation for the misuse of its technologies 5G. Information From FOSS Patents.

Eriksson, represented by law firm Taylor Wesing, filed the lawsuit in the UK and Wales High Court on June 6. Unlike what the company does here in Brazil, the process is not intended to prevent the sale of any Apple product in the British Territory, but to obtain patent licenses for 5G technologies on iPhones and iPads.

This process is divided into two events, targeting multiple Apple representatives in the European country: the first (HP-2022-000013) Apple Retail UK As a defendant, the second (HP-2022-000014) he and Apple Distribution International And this Apple Inc. However, it is not clear which patents are included in the case.

The fight between the two companies took place late last year, when the contract for the use of 2G / 3G / 4G technologies expired and could not be renewed. Ericsson, in turn, accused Apple of bad faith in avoiding payments. Gain rights To use the related patents 5G.

Apple introduced 5G connectivity in its products in 2020, which was launched in 2020. Since then, the company has expanded the technology to more models, starting with the iPad Pro in 2021 and bringing it to its tablets.

If successful, Ericsson would have to pay a substantial sum of money from Apple to license its patents. The most recent speculative values ​​were around $ 5 For the 5G device for sale.

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Via Apple Insider

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