United Kingdom, Netherlands and US navies conduct joint naval exercise in Gulf of Aden – Navy

United Kingdom, Netherlands and US navies conduct joint naval exercise in Gulf of Aden - Navy

Gulf of Aden – Aircraft carrier attack groups Queen Elizabeth (United Kingdom) and Ronald Reagan (CSG), in conjunction with the Diabetes Group Iwo Jima (ARG) conducted a large-scale joint operational exercise on July 12 in the Gulf of Aden.

The integrated surface, air and surface bilateral exercise is designed to enhance the maritime platform of the UK, Netherlands and the United States and is designed to demonstrate naval integration through a variety of training scenarios.

“Our team is proud to be working with the UK Career Strike Group during this unique opportunity to enhance the full scope of our mutual capabilities,” said Ronald Reagan CSG and Rio Admiral Will Pennington, Commander 50 of the Task Force. “Running together at sea, we have deepened our alliance partnerships and expanded our global reach across key waterways in the region.”

Participatory forces focused on the full spectrum of naval combat operations, anti-aircraft combat (AAW), surface combat (ASUW) and anti-submarine combat (ASW) tactics and practices.

The teams used their skills to carry out precision maneuvers, to hunt down simulated enemy submarines, to provide layer protection against simulated air and surface threats, and to conduct long-range naval attacks against simulated counter-forces.

“The aircraft carrier is the ultimate manifestation of global maritime power,” said Commodore Steve Moorehouse, commander of the United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group. “Oh Queen Elizabeth, Ronald Reagan e Iwo Jima The power of the US-UK federation and the simplicity with which our navy and air force can be integrated in the Gulf of Aden or anywhere else in the world. ”

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This is the second time that Iwo Jima ARG has worked with the UK aircraft carrier strike team, following a training session off the coast of Scotland in May this year.

“ARG Iwo Jima is more than ready to support our allies and allies as an excellent diabetic force,” said Darren Nelson, Commodore Captain of the Amphibious Four Regiment. “Act with Ronald Reagan The UK Aircraft Carrier Assault Team allows us to better deal with common threats to regional security. ”

Participating units were HMS aircraft carriers Queen Elizabeth (R08) Com F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters Royal Air Force 617 Brigade and US Marine Corps Battle Assault Force (VMFA) 211; port-aviões USS Ronald Reagan (CVN76) with Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 5 and Destroyer Scratron 15; USS Diabetes Attack Ship Iwo Jima (LHD7) With the 24th Naval Expeditionary Unit (MEU), the anti-submarine warship HMS Richmond (F239); Dutch warship HNLMS Evertson (F805); USS Guided Missile Destroyers Sullivans (DTG68) e U.S.S. Holsey (DDG 97); And the USS-guided missile ship Shiloh (CG67).

Ronald Reagan CSG and Ivo Jima ARG are three-point chokepoints that ensure maritime stability and security in the Central Region in support of naval operations in the 5th Fleet of the United States, connecting the Mediterranean and the Pacific via the western Indian Ocean.

Proof: Working Group 50 General Affairs

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