England's “cheap house” has two bedrooms and is a bargain! | Properties

England's “cheap house” has two bedrooms and is a bargain!  |  Properties

The cheapest house in Britain is auctioned from R$28,000 BP Bids / Disclosure

The cheapest possible house in the UK is currently selling for just £4,000, making it the perfect opportunity for those dreaming of owning a property in the UK.

The residence, located in the village of Sobwell near Newcastle, is being auctioned online by BB Auctions, Birmingham, and will run until July 10.

The property is close to Northumbria University and three train stations – Photo: BP Auctions / Disclosure

The house has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a spacious living room, a kitchen and a backyard. The interior needs renovation, but, in general, the residence is in good condition.

According to the British Government website (gov.uk), with average house prices in the UK falling to £299,000 in 2023. Although prices are generally lower, the home in question is still a bargain compared to other properties in the area.

The property has been described as an ideal investment property – Photo: BP Auctions / Disclosure


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