England draw with Italy 0-1 in last Euro final – 11/06/2022

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Wolverhampton, United Kingdom, 11 June 2022 (AFP) – A rematch of last year’s Euro Cup final, played last year and won by penalty kicks, with England and Italy drawing to a third-round goalless draw this Saturday. UEFA nations are the A3 team in the UEFA Champions League.

In another major match, Hungary and Germany lead Italy 1-1 with 5 points, followed by Hungarians with 4 points, Germany with 3 points and England with 2 points.

There were no spectators at the venue for the match at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton due to the UEFA penalty imposed on the Federation of England for the events that took place in the Euro Final.

Despite the lack of goals, the game was very exciting, with both sides having scoring chances and two goalkeepers Aaron Ramstale and Gianluigi Donorumma were the highlight of their teams.

In the final game of the game, Calvin Phillips had the chance to score the winning goal for England with a header saved over the Donorumma line, despite being invalidated by the Leeds United player.

“We had two or three clear chances to score, but we did not have the talent for the last three on the pitch,” lamented England manager Gareth Southgate, although he “proved to be satisfying on the team’s overall presentation and on a personal level.”

Italy coach Roberto Mancini has admitted that a new team formed after missing the 2022 World Cup “needs to improve, but it is part of the development process.”

“We had chances, they may be even better than them, but the boys played well,” he added.

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England will return to the field against Hungary in Wolverhampton next Tuesday, while Italy will visit Germany in Mன்சnchengladbach on the same day.

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