Discover 15 interesting facts about singer-songwriter Inna Magdala

Discover 15 interesting facts about singer-songwriter Inna Magdala

In conversation with Contigo! The TV series Inna Magdala revealed her real name and her relationship with the economist from Plano Real

Talented since childhood, the girl is from Minas Gerais Inna Magdala The name carries affection for the family. After venturing across several countries, she charted her own path in music, created an album and still has time for her favorite hobby: making cheese bread! In conversation with Contigo! The soap opera singer-songwriter revealed 15 interesting facts about herself. Economics runs in her veins, and her real name is Marina. paying off:

  1. “I’ve been writing poetry and playing the piano since I was seven years old.”
  2. “I have a degree in economics from New York University, New York University.”
  3. “I’m from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, but I’ve lived in the USA, Portugal, UK, Spain and China.”
  4. “During my time in New York, I took jazz lessons in Harlem.”
  5. “My first songs were recorded in Lisbon, Portugal.”
  6. I love cooking! As a good girl from Minas Gerais, my specialty is making cheese bread.”
  7. “I can’t live a day without eating dulce de leche.”
  8. “I’m addicted to watching interviews. My latest favorites are with writer Maya Angelou and artist David Bowie.”
  9. “I developed a painting technique using Palo Santo smoke.”
  10. “I am the niece of Edmar Pasha, the economist of Plano Real, and the poet Henriqueta of Lisboa.”
  11. “My paternal grandmother, Magdala Pasha, was the greatest Portuguese textbook writer of the 1960s.”
  12. “My real name is Marina Lisboa Pasha.”
  13. “Ena is my childhood nickname. It was given to me by my brother Kayo, who couldn’t pronounce the letter ‘e’
    letter r. Magdala is a tribute to my grandmother and Mary Magdalene.”
  14. “My biggest dream is to play at Carnegie Hall in New York.”
  15. “I produced my first album with keyboardist Renato Neto, who was a member of the band
    Prince for 12 years, in addition to playing with Tim Maia, Rod Stewart and Roberto Carlos.

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