PG City Hall begins immunization with new coronavirus vaccine

PG City Hall begins immunization with new coronavirus vaccine

The Immunization Department of Ponta Grossa City Hall publishes a list of health units that provide immunization agents

a Punta Grossa City Hall This Wednesday (15) immunization began with a new vaccine against Covid-19: monovalent XBB, an update against the latest strain of the disease. 4,235 doses were distributed in Ponta Grossa. The Immunization Department reports that the recommendation for periodic vaccination against COVID-19 for priority groups most at risk remains in place.

*Semi-annual booster dose for the coronavirus vaccine*

People aged 60 and over

Pregnant and postpartum women (mothers who had a baby up to 45 days ago)

Weak immunity over five years

Annual reinforcement of the coronavirus vaccine

Health workers

Homeless people

People with comorbidities aged five years or older

Persons with permanent disabilities aged five years or older

Aboriginal, riparian and quilombola aged five years or older

Residents and staff of long-term care facilities

Persons deprived of liberty, young people serving social and educational measures, workers in the system of persons deprived of liberty

Basic calendar for children

Children aged 6 months to under 5 years should start or complete the basic regimen, which consists of three doses of the Covid vaccine.

All vaccination rooms located in health units apply the new vaccine. In total, there are 22 rooms open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and three more with service until 9 p.m.: Luis Conrado Mansani (Ovaranas), Romulo Bazinato (Nova Rosa) and Cerro de Lima Garcia (Officinas), making Citizens are allowed to go at scheduled times and substitutes. There is also vaccination on the vaccine bus, according to the schedule published daily on the city hall’s social media networks.

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“Everyone in the priority groups who have not started or completed their coronavirus vaccination schedule should seek out vaccination rooms in Ponta Grossa. These are the groups most at risk of contracting the disease. Hence the importance of implementing the new vaccine,” confirms Immunization Department Coordinator Stella Godoy.

Vaccination rooms in Ponta Grossa

Adam Bolan (Palmerinha)

Alfredo Lewandowski (Blue Raven)

Antero de Mello (Rio Verde)

Antonio Russo (Sao Jose)

Carlos Ribeiro de Macedo (Coffee Park)

Cleon de Macedo (Villa Rubini)

Cerro de Lima Garcia (Workshops)

Egon Roskamp (Santa Paula)

Jaime Guzman (Villa Estrella)

Jose Bueno (Jacaranda)

Jose Carlos Araujo (Cara – Cara)

Joao de Oliveira Bello (Guaraje)

Julio Azevedo (Vila Vilela)

Lauro Muller (Santa Maria)

Lubomir Antonio Orbán (March 31)

Luis Conrado Mansany (Ovaranas)

Mother Josepha (Villa Princesa)

Nilton Luiz de Castro (Tarouba)

Ottonel Pimentel (Villa Ceiba)

Romulo Bazzinato (New Russia)

Roberto de Jesus Portela (Ronda)

Sadie Macedo Silveira (Olarias)

Santo Domingo Zampier (Costa Rica)

Share Angelica Arruda (Recanto Verde)

Zelda Arens (Because N. Sra. das Graças)

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