Despite the ‘Brexit’ the UK continues to be an educational benchmark

Despite the ‘Brexit’ the UK continues to be an educational benchmark

The Withdrawal from the EU from the United Kingdom January 31, 2020 has political, economic, social and educational consequences. There were about half a million international students in the UK in the 2018-19 academic year, 140,000 of whom were Europeans. But since last year a new scenario has opened up for EU students to choose this country for university studies.

In front ProxyCommunity students paid the same university fees as British students and received government loans to fund their studies. The British Government guarantees these conditions to all students starting in 2020 and will maintain them until they complete their studies. However, things starting in September 2021 this year will be considered International students, So they have to pay the relevant university fees without having the opportunity to apply for the loan.

The University fees Internationals will vary depending on the profession they want to study and the university they choose. Prices for a medical degree at Oxford range from £ 13,000 (any degree in Cardiff metropolis) to 40,000. As a general rule, degrees in professional science or medical branches in the humanities and social sciences branches cost less.

Although a pioneer, these rates seem to be high IEC, Recalls the “Degrees in the United Kingdom”, a leading institution of international university orientation They are usually short, Which reduces costs; Also, it’s worth the money compared to other higher education institutions like the US or Australia. ”

Many British universities launched numerous efforts to support and assist European students

The The positive part British universities launched numerous efforts to support and assist European students. For example, the universities of Oxford Brooks, Portsmouth, South Wales, Swansea and UWE Bristol have decided Freezing rates Europeans to be offered to British students.

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Other universities offer Scholarship high offer For international students starting graduation in September. The University of South Wales, for example, offers approximately 000 4,000 awards, allowing fees to be 000 9,000 per year. UAL confirms the transition grant for Europeans, which is 10,000 for undergraduate students and 5,000 5,000 for postgraduate students. Other universities that offer scholarships are UCA, Aston, UWE Bristol, Edinburgh Napier or Warwick (with 250 scholarships).

For its part, Aberystwyth University offers Free hosting (Worth 800,800 per year) for international students. The list continues to grow, a clear indication that universities are committed to cultural diversity on their campuses, and to achieve this they are not prepared to lose European students.

European students must apply for a visa to study in the UK

Another effect of Proxy To European students Apply for a visa Study in the UK. To get it, the British government has established an System of points: It is necessary to get a total of 70 to be provided. The visa application process can be done six months before the start of the course and costs 348.

But despite all the negative consequences, reality shows that studying in the UK Still worth it. According to Sandra Permo, Director of International Relations and Agreements at the IEC, “British education continues to be a benchmark and the best place for Spanish students to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies”.

The United Kingdom has some of the most traditional and historic universities in the world

There are more universities in the UK Tradition and history Of the world; Universities like Oxford and Cambridge are the oldest. East Cultural heritage It makes its universities one of the most valuable in the world and always ranks first in the international rankings.

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One of its most attractive features Different types of standards, Offering up to 50,000 different courses in more than 25 study areas. This diversity allows for a certain number of quality combinations that are unimaginable in our country such as music and mathematics or biochemistry and French.

Another one of its advantages Degrees short duration. This allows companies to add one year internship between the second and third year, as it is known Sandwich year.

In short, it considers A life experience To help the student gain the basic tools for their personal and professional future.

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