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After the Taliban returned to power, the British government was accused of mismanagement in the evacuation of Afghanistan in August.

After hearing from several British embassy officials, Tom Dukendot, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, saw the country’s response to the crisis as “abandoning” the Afghans.

Rafael Marshall, who served in the Foreign Office during the crisis, warned that only 5% of the 75,000-150,000 Afghans who wanted to escape with the British plan had been aided by a “chaotic” response from London.

According to him, thousands of messages asking for help have not been read because of a lack of evidence at the crisis center.

Dukendot, who served in Afghanistan, celebrated “powerful and convincing” testimony that “highlights fundamental flaws.”

Most of the inquiries centered on the fact that from August 9 to 26, at the height of the crisis, both Minister Dominic Robb and department head Philip Barton were on leave.

Now the Minister of Justice, Rob has been attacked for not interrupting his vacation on the Greek island of Crete. On the Sky News television channel, he said he was always making sure he had the “necessary resources”.

“If I could go back, I would have returned before my vacation,” Philip Barton acknowledged, but argued that the fall of Kabul during his vacation was “inevitable” and that his presence would not make a big difference. .

Prime Minister Boris Johnson backed on television that air traffic had allowed the evacuation of 15,000 people from Kabul after the capture of the capital on August 15.

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He also denied allegations that he had personally interfered in the removal of animals from a shelter run by a former British soldier. Barton denied that these animals took the place of people.

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