Credit card without pension – the success of fintech companies

Credit card without pension - the success of fintech companies

Non-annual credit card and cashback program benefits within your financial planning

The installment-free credit card has been a very positive point for personal finance and an advantage because of the cashback programs. Therefore, it is important that you look for the advantages offered by these cards in order for this feature to be possible. personal financial planning. There are many options for credit cards without an annual payment nowadays due to the success of fintech companies.

Economic habits and smart trade

So, find cashback programs that work for you, considering the possibility of getting a card without an annual salary, so that you can make a choice that supports other economic habits, even if that savings is visible in the long run.

It is important to find the value of joining cashback programs

For this, it is important to research the value of joining cashback programs. Keep in mind that every card-issuing bank has a different program, while this feasibility must be included in their financial planning.

So, here are some options to start your search. However, it is important to delve into this need to increase the possibilities and advantages.

Nubank – the most popular financial technology

The Nubank credit card is one of the most popular cards in Brazil and it has a cashback program that can be quite a lot of fun, as long as you use at least BRL 1600.00 per month on your credit card.

As the cost of the program is 190.00 Brazilian riyals annually. However, it can be divided into up to 12 months.

However, you should check the usability and functionality of this software. Since Nubank is one of the cards with excellent management in the application, its policy is quite clear.

Neon – Cashback Discount

Credit card neon It has an easy-to-manage app too, the option that offers cashback for the discount, which is a completely different program.

However, even though the cost is low, just BRL 4.50 per month, it is important to check the viability of this membership within the cashback offered.

Between the card and the digital account

Inter Bank, like the others, offers a credit card with no annual fee and a free bank account.

In addition, there is also a customer loyalty program. Therefore, it is important to analyze the feasibility of this program and choose the one that suits you at the moment.

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