Colombians will not be able to qualify if the United Kingdom takes steps to bring in Govt-19

The Colombian national team could not trust James Rodriguez and Jerry Mina, the pillars in the midfield and the Colombian defense. REUTERS / Peter Byrne

On March 26, Qatar will play the fifth day of the 2022 South American qualifiers, and the Colombian national team will hold a gold test against Brazil, not only because they are the failed leader, but also because some key pieces of the triangular team will be playing in Europe and they will be far away from the tournament. The need to score more points is clear.

In the qualifying table, Colombia is seventh with 4 points out of 12 points. What’s worse is that it comes from two goals marking the departure of Portuguese coach Carlos Guerrero, 3-0 against Uruguay (in the metropolis of Barranquilla), and another 6-1 (as spectators) against Ecuador. Hence, the desire to have tips. But what about them?

Players in England, Devinson Sanchez (Tottenham), Steven Alsade (West Bromwich Albion), Jefferson Lerma (Bournemouth), James Rodriguez and Jerry Mina (Everton), with the exception of Alfredo Morelos, are a Scottish Rangers forward today, unable to get credit from their respective teams due to the situation caused by the Covid-19.

The question is as follows: UK health officials have confirmed that those leaving the country, including the UK and Scotland, will have to isolate themselves for ten days when they return. The departure of Colombian players and South American players in general is often due to the fact that they do not like the clubs they belong to, as they cannot be immediately re-appointed after the 5th and 6th dates of qualifying.

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Now, from September 2020, After the players returned, FIFA authorized clubs not to lend to players if local health officials established that they should be isolated for more than five days. In fact, teams like Liverpool have already said that if returning players have to be in isolation they will not lend to them.

On Tuesday, March 2, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said, “We don’t need to let players out, we can’t let all the clubs out and then do 10 days of isolation.

If Liverpool does not lend to its players, Roberto Firmino and Alison Becker, Both persons in the club could not be with Brazil. Coach Ancelotti will join Everton players Allen and Richardson if they wish. It will also happen to Cardiola-led Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus.

Liverpool Brazilians Firmino and Alison Becker celebrate after winning the Football Club World Cup, - Khalifa International Stadium, Doha, Qatar - December 21, 2019 REUTERS / Kai Pfaffenbach
Liverpool Brazilians Firmino and Alison Becker celebrate after winning the Football Club World Cup, – Khalifa International Stadium, Doha, Qatar – December 21, 2019 REUTERS / Kai Pfaffenbach

This is true, not only will Colombia be affected, but the absence of James Rodriguez in the match against Brazil is difficult to compensate for; Juan Fernando Quintero made his debut in China, and he only has Edwin Cardona to play at the same level as the ‘10 ’.

Meanwhile, Devinson Sanchez and Jerry Mina are the two starting central defenders, although one of them could be replaced by Jason Murillo of Zelda de Vigo in Spain.

“I understand the different needs of the federations, but we are at a time when not everyone is satisfied. And players are paid by clubs. That should be a priority for us, “said the Liverpool manager.

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According to Christian Martin, a correspondent for ESPN Latin America in the UK, the South American Football Confederation (Conmepol) will be disqualified from playing in clubs in the country for refusing to lend to players.

“Conmepol did not think (about playing without England), Conmepol did not want to set a precedent for them to ‘relax’. If there were no players, the tie would not be played, that’s the information I’m dealing with,” Martin told ESPN Nexo.

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