Check the amount of R$65 million in savings proceeds

Check the amount of R$65 million in savings proceeds

On Wednesday (11/03), Caixa will attract dozens related to New Mega-Sena Prize Accumulated, No. 2425. The winner, if he manages to match the six numbers drawn, may receive about 65 million Brazilian riyals, considering that the prize is accumulated in this value range. But do you actually know what to do with the money if you hit the sixteen Mega-Sena backlog?

An interesting possibility is to leave the value in a savings account. To illustrate how the yield calculation works, we brought up the simulation based on Selic’s rate. It is in the 7.75% range due to the increase after the new Copom meeting. It is worth noting that the last drawing of Mega Sina No. 2324 was held on October 30, 2021.

The numbers drawn were as follows: 03 – 16 – 17 – 37 – 38 – 53. Nobody got the scores correctly. Thus, the prize accumulated again and increased to about 65 million Brazilian reais. On the other hand, 101 bets won the corner. Each of the lucky ones will take 41,070.64 R$ for the house.

Another 6,968 people arrived at the court, who, in turn, are supposed to receive 850.44 Brazilian Real. follow the flow From the latest Mega-Sena draw (#2424):

Mega Sina Accumulation: How Much Revenue Is 65 Million Brazilian Real

If only one player can reach the six scores of the accumulated Mega-Sena, he can get about 65 million Brazilian Real. There will be a possibility, therefore, to leave Money is in savings. The calculation of return can be obtained through the Selec rate.

It currently falls in the 7.75% range. what does that mean? In the first month with the money in the savings account, you can achieve the accumulated Mega-Sena prize approx 286,000 Brazilian Real.

Tickets with new bets can be registered until 19:00 on November 3, 2021, either by lottery or earlier Location from the fund. will be sent to channel From the bank via YouTube.

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