Check out the results for Lotofácil 2256 and Lotomania 2187 this Tuesday (15/6)

Published 6/15/2021 7:58 PM / Updated 6/15/2021 8:39 PM

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Caixa Econômica Federal drew five lotteries on Tuesday night (15/6): Lotofácil 2256 2187 contests from Lotomania; 2235 of the Double Seine; 1650 for Timania and 468 for Lucky Day. The lottery was held at Espaço Caixa Loterias, at the Tietê bus station, in São Paulo.

It is important to remember that the Quina Draw did not take place. The method continues to pile up at the São João Special, on the 26th of June.

lucky day

With an expected prize of R$400,000, the lucky day had the following result: 03-07-08-10-17-24-28. The lucky month is April.
The number of lucky day winners and pricing can be checked Here.


With an appreciation award of R$600,000, Lutomania provided the following numbers: 00-03-07-12-20-25-31-35-40-42-44-49-69-74-77-87-92-95- 98-99.
The number of Lotomania winners can be checked and dividedقسم Here.

So much easy

Lotofácil, who should hand out about 3.5 million R$ to anyone up to 15 scores, presented the following result: 01-03-04-05-06-08-09-10-11-12-13-16 -20-23- 24 .
Lotofácil winners number and division can be checked Here.

double sina

Dubla Sena drew the following numbers: 08-15-20-26-33-41 in the first draw; 01-14-19-27-29-36 in the second draw. The expected prize is 5.2 million Brazilian riyals.
The number of Dupla Sena winners and division can be checked Here.

Team Mania

Timemania, with a prize of R$ 5.7 million, presented the following score: 16-41-50-54-68-76-77. The heart team is Ponte Preta, from Sao Paulo.
The number of Timemania winners can be checked and divided Here.

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