Chase is coming to the UK to provide consumers with a simple and rewarding banking experience

Chase is coming to the UK to provide consumers with a simple and rewarding banking experience
  • Chase offers a free trial account that combines the features of paying for daily debit card expenses with refunds.

  • Chase customers can access their bank through an intuitive mobile processor and contact customer service 24/7 without having to rely on chat bots.

  • New customers can sign up for Chase at

Landers, September 21, 2021– (Commercial wire) -JP Morgan Chase has launched its new digital bank in the UK today under the Chase brand. Chase is the largest consumer bank in the United States and provides a wide range of financial services to over 60 million US households.

New customers can register You will then be prompted to download the chassis processor. Customers can open a verification account in minutes with a simple and intuitive application. This account provides many functions to help people manage, spend and save money on a budget. The UK-led customer service team will be a key component of Chase’s banking experience. With a few strokes on the chassis processor, customers can connect with a specialist – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sanok Viswanathan, CEO of the Bank, said: “We offer the UK people the opportunity to enjoy a chess account for the first time in terms of simplicity, hassle-free reward scheme and exceptional customer service.”

Chase’s verification account will start with a reward plan 1% refund of all debit card fees eligible for 12 months *. It has been developed in line with UK debit card consumption practices to ensure that all customers benefit from the rewards of the many items they purchase on a daily basis, including food, travel, dining, entertainment, fashion, and housing. Materials, electronics, as well as flights and vacations.

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There is no charge to open a Chase verification account and start receiving cashback rewards. Customers will receive rewards without the need to change bank providers, set a minimum account balance or set up direct debits. 1% is refunded when customers use their Chassis debit card in person or online, and will be offered at domestic and overseas businesses.

In addition to the simple and straightforward reward scheme, Chase also offers:

  • Additional customizable verification accounts to simplify cash management: The chassis processor is configured in a matter of seconds and is designed to help people budget, book, save and spend the best they can. Each Chase account comes with its own unique number, and the Chase debit card can be instantly attached to it, so customers can spend as much as they want with the account they want at any time.

  • Small circuits in transition They will get about it 5% interest For 12 months: Customers can save their debit card purchases around £ 1 and place the change in a separate account, where they will receive 12% to 5% interest **. Circles will be released to all customers in the coming weeks.

  • Numberless debit card: Card details are stored with a secure login in the Chase app, so customers do not risk their account details if they lose their physical card. They can use the chassis card with their digital wallet. The debit card is made of recycled plastic (rPVC) and all its packaging is made from recycled materials, all of which are fully recyclable.

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“After extensive discussions with consumers in the UK, we know that people with good experience from a trusted bank want good value. With repayments for daily debit card charges and an increase in interest on rounding, products that help save customers during your regular purchases,” Viswanathan said.

Chase plans to introduce a variety of banking products in the future, including new checking account features, savings and investment accounts and credit products.

Exceptions apply – see Terms and Conditions
** 5% AER (4.89% total, variable)

About Chase in the UK

Chase is the business and consumer banking business of JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM), a leading global financial services company with $ 3.7 trillion worldwide and operations.

Based in Canary Wharf (London), the New England service is specifically designed to meet the needs of customers in the country. It offers a wide variety of banking products and features – starting with the verification account. In the UK, Chase is the trade name for JPMorgan Europe Limited. JB Morgan Europe Limited is accredited by the Prudential Regulation Commission and regulated by the Financial Conduct Commission and the Prudential Regulation Commission. Access to more information

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