CFO launches program for Brazilian dentists working in US, China, United Kingdom and other countries – Journal Dia Dia

CFO launches program for Brazilian dentists working in US, China, United Kingdom and other countries – Journal Dia Dia

The Federal Council of Dentistry (CFO) has launched a program for the internationalization of Brazilian dentistry, which will encourage the export of dental services from Brazilian dentists to countries such as the United States, China and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the initiative will promote international tourism so that foreigners can receive treatment in the country and encourage dentists of other nationalities to come to Brazil to take specialized courses.

The launch took place during the 41st Sao Paulo International Congress of Dentistry (CioSP), which runs until Saturday (27) at the Expo Center Norte in Sao Paulo (SP), with an expectation of 100 thousand participants.

“Brazilian dentistry is recognized internationally, but there are still bureaucratic obstacles for the work of professionals from our country to be officially accepted outside our borders. Currently, in the professional sector, we can already operate in Portugal and in the academic sector we have a cooperation agreement with Peru, but we have enough and qualified With the labor, on the one hand, we want to go further to provide a qualified service. Brazilian experts and on the other hand, on the other hand, get colleagues from other countries to officially specialize in our country”, explains Juliano do Vale, President of the CFO.

The initiative will initially prioritize Canada, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in Europe and Latin America. In January, Brazil reached a record number of 400 thousand registered dentists.

The project will begin in Dubai and China in the coming months with a series of international missions to meet with organizations representing dentists in these countries to sign agreements and identify key challenges to overcome to allow legally developed practice in dentistry and specialties. In Brazil these locations are recognized and allow professionals to operate.

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In 2023, preliminary visits were made to the United Kingdom, Dubai, Germany and the United States, with talks expected to progress this year with the same objective.


Another focus of the campaign is to promote international dental tourism. The CFO estimates that more complex treatments in Brazil, which include implants, reconstructions and aesthetic procedures, cost up to 20% of the cost in countries such as the United States.

“The quality and value of the treatments are attractive, but we need to offer more. The treatment package includes accommodation close to or within easy reach of your treatment location, online pre-consultations, a list of pre-examinations to be conducted in your home country or in Brazil, flight and medical insurance instructions, visa Guided entry, along with other facilities that help this patient gain confidence and success,” says Juliano Du Vale.

With the accreditation of dental training in Brazil, the CFO aims to attract dentists from other countries to take specialized courses in the country.

CFO at Ciosp

In 2024, the Federal Council of Dentistry completes a 60-year commitment to overseeing dental ethics in Brazil, ensuring the quality of the dental surgeon's work. CFO participates in the 41st Ciosp with an 812 m² stand to serve dental surgeons, assistants, technicians, academics and interested public. On the site, for example, it is possible to create a digital identity of dental professionals, CFO ID.

The space will also house a studio where the CFO Esclarece podcast will be produced, recording interviews on relevant topics discussed at the event. Also, the stand will feature the CFO Arena, an open space for discussions and panels on oral health, law, ethics and other topics. 24 lectures are scheduled to address issues related to the evolution of dentistry in Brazil.

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