Casino Regulation Program in the UK

The UK Gaming Commission has unveiled its new three-year corporate strategy that sets the Commission’s approach to protecting consumers and players consistently.

Launched in conjunction with the Commission’s 2021-2022 Business Plan, this new strategy will be implemented through five priority areas:

Protect children and vulnerable individuals from gambling.
A better market and more informed consumers
Illegal gambling and fraud
Use the proceeds of the national lottery for good causes
Improve the order of the game.

Protect children and vulnerable people from the dangers of gambling

The Commission will continue to ensure that licensees reduce the risk of gambling harm to vulnerable groups as part of a concerted effort to understand the factors that affect behavior. This will be achieved by improving behavior and competence, continuing to develop licensing terms and practices, creating a strong resource base and focusing on preventive and regulatory measures.

A better market and more informed consumers

Ensuring that products are reasonable and compliant is essential for the Authority, while improving information for players and making it easier to find information about the operators they play with. This includes making it easier for licensees to access and understand complaint procedures.

Fight Illegal Gambling and Fraud

The Commission will continue to fight against the provision of illegal and unlicensed gambling to consumers in Great Britain, while working with partner companies to prevent actions that could lead to money laundering. The work of the Authority to manage the risks related to the integrity and event handling of sports betting will continue to be an important aspect of future law enforcement work.

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Improving the revenue of the National Lottery for good causes

The National Lottery is one of the largest and most popular in the world, and millions of people donate every year for good causes. The Commission will ensure continuous efficient management of the third license, while ending fair and open competition for the fourth license, ensuring smooth and efficient transition.

Improve casino regulation

Over the past year, the system has been restructured to ensure effective regulation in the future. The Commission continues to support the government in its gaming law review, while developing the work that is already being done following the recommendations of three key reports on regulating gambling by 2020. Technology is alienated to improve systems and processes to ensure that the Commission has the resources to effectively regulate with DCMS and to ensure that staff are constantly evolving.

In the meantime Business Plan 2021-22 The Commission sets priorities to accelerate progress in making the game safer for the general public and players, including veterans and retirees. It focuses on improving the Commission’s regulatory system in line with other high – level decisions to be announced later this year, such as the Government Gambling Review and the DCMS Commission Fees Review.

Gaming Commission Chairman Bill Moyes said: “Our new three-year strategy maintains the ambition of our previous strategy and goes further in considering how to make better use of our current resources.

“We have launched a new strategy and our business plan, which outlines milestones that will be the most important year for compliance and consumer protection as the country begins to emerge after 12 challenging months.

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“Covid-19 is a shift in gambling practices, which is why the new strategy focuses on protecting consumers from harm, holding operators accountable, creating a better market for all and protecting the national lottery.

“In addition, the gaming legal review was an important moment earlier this year, and as our work continues, we know that we will continue to adjust and challenge ourselves based on the results of the review.

“The next three years will see the gaming industry change even more, especially as the pace of innovation accelerates. As a regulator we need to keep pace with that change, be prepared to adapt, and make sure millions of people are playing the game safely in Great Britain.”

You can read Casino Authority Corporate Strategy: 2021 to 2024 To further illustrate the strategy, a short animated video (opens in new tab) is also included on our YouTube channel.

See Plan April 2021-March 2022

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