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Caixa Econômica Federal will release FGTS earnings in August to workers who, on December 31, 2020, had a positive balance in the restricted accounts of the Employment Compensation Fund (FGTS).

About 5.9 billion Brazilian reals should be released, according to the Board of Trustees of the Guarantee Fund, referring to 2020.

Source: Google
Source: Google

According to information from the Board of Trustees of the Guarantee Fund, approximately R$ 5.9 billion should be released, referring to FGTS earnings in 2020.

In 2021, the amount that workers will receive will be less than in 2020, because the profit of the FGTS decreased by 25.2% compared to the profit of 2019, which amounted to 11.324 billion R$.

There is a possibility that Caixa releases net payments from the escrow fund to each taxpayer at the end of August each year.

The amount of profit will be deposited directly into the account of the worker which on December 31, 2020 had a balance in his/her account. However, the amount can only be withdrawn in cases such as unfair dismissal, termination of employment, retirement, critical illness or at home.

The worker will be able to check the balance through the FGTS app or through Caixa Online Banking. After installing the FGTS application on your cell phone, you must select the option “Register” and then inform the data that will be requested.

Next, you will click on “I am not a robot” and confirm the registration through the link sent to your email.

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