Brussels fears Europeans living in UK will not be able to travel to London due to Brexit rules chaos – O Journal Economico

France considers UK quarantine rules discriminatory - O Journal Economico

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, some concerns have been raised that EU citizens living in the UK will not be allowed to board flights to the country due to the confusion created by the new government passport rules.

From October 1, EU citizens who do not live in the UK will not be able to enter the country using EU ID cards, due to pre-Brexit restrictions.

This means that non-UK EU citizens who come for short visits must show a passport. In turn, EU citizens living in the UK can continue to use the ID document until 2025.

Brussels fears it will be difficult to differentiate airlines on boarding gates because the UK does not provide physical residence documents for EU citizens living in the UK from Brexit, considering the new rules.

The issue was raised last week during a meeting with a UK-EU expert panel on the rights of citizens involved by European Commission and UK government officials.

“It is very clear what the rules are in the UK, but we are afraid that the airlines are not aware of the rules,” said an EU diplomat. Brussels fears that airlines will refuse to allow EU citizens to board with ID cards because they do not understand the complexities of the New England residency program for EU citizens.

Although EU member states have granted simple citizenship rights to British citizens, the UK has chosen to classify EU citizens into three groups: the established state and the established state who have been in the country for at least five years. Country for five years or more. There is an additional category of 450,000 EU citizens still waiting for a certificate to prove their rights.

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What are airlines going to do?

According to “The Guardian” airlines are required to log in to the British government’s website and verify the digital code that the user can generate via mobile phone or computer to verify that passengers are residents of the United Kingdom.

“The October 1 rule change will add another complex layer to airlines,” said Luke Piper, a representative of the 3 million UK organization.

Ryanair said it was prepared for the move and that “passengers with proof of residency in the UK will be allowed to continue to travel to the UK using their identity card”. British Airways, Iberia and Willing and IADA were also contacted for comment, but “The Guardian” has not yet received any response.

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