UK’s largest electric plane flies for 10 minutes

UK’s largest electric plane flies for 10 minutes

The 19-seater aircraft has a two-engine system and a propulsion system at the prototype stage combining electricity and hydrogen. (Credit: Reproduction/Expression)

As part of the HyFlyer II project, supported by British government funding, ZeroAvia successfully completed a ten-minute flight of its hydrogen-powered aircraft. The 19-seat aircraft has two Dornier 228 engines and a propulsion system still in the prototype stage that combines electricity and hydrogen.

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In the test model used now, two fuel cell packs and a lithium-ion battery pack were placed inside the cabin. For commercial purposes, these systems are placed in external storage to accommodate more passenger seats.

ZeroAvia’s goal is to be able to certify this type of technology later this year, with plans to begin exploring commercial routes by 2025. The company is also working on larger propulsion models up to 2.5 MW, which would allow the solution to be scaled up for aircraft. for 90 seats.

Watch the video released by ZeroAvia with the first flight here:

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