Bruce Dickinson will be holding autograph sessions across the UK

Bruce Dickinson will be holding autograph sessions across the UK

Singer Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), along with Planet Rock, will be holding autograph sessions across the United Kingdom. Events will take place at HMV stores, one of the UK's biggest music and film retailers.

The signing tour kicks off at HMV Cardiff on March 1st. After that, Bruce travels to cities including London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Manchester.

The complete itinerary is as follows:

– March 1 – HMV Cardiff (midnight)
– March 1 – HMV Oxford Street, London (6pm local time)
– March 2 – HMV Vault, Birmingham (11:30am – local time)
– March 2 – HMV Meadowhall, Sheffield (5pm local time)
– March 3 – HMV Manchester (2pm – local time)

Access to more information Here.

Singer Bruce Dickinson will begin his solo career on March 1 with The Mandrake Project, released in May 2005. Dual vinyl and digital (download and streaming).

Dickinson's seventh solo album, The Mandrake Project, was recorded mainly at the Doom Room in Los Angeles, USA, with Roy Z commanding guitar and bass lines, Mysteria on keyboards and Dave Moreno on drums.

Mandrake Project Catalog List:

“After Ragnarok”
“Many Doors to Hell”
“Rain in the Tombs”
“Resurrection Men”
“Fingers in the Wounds”
“Eternity Failed”
“Mistress of Mercy”
“Face in the Mirror”
“Shadow of God”
“Sonata (Immortal Beloved)”

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