UK accelerates position on global AI map with over £100m investment – Computers

UK accelerates position on global AI map with over £100m investment – Computers

oh The United Kingdom announced an investment of over £100 million (About 117 million euros at current exchange rates) In Artificial Intelligence. The investment will be shared New Research Centers Dedicated to these technologies and Preparation of Regulations and Regulators Creating an environment for safe and responsible development and use of technology.

The British government's ambition to make the country a global leader in AI is well-known and another step, widely heralded earlier. There is a general strategy designed in this sense and A A proposal for a regulatory framework under public consultation in the country.

We will now follow up on the results of this consultation Start getting concrete steps on the ground With £90 million ready to be allocated, the strategy needs to be put on the ground AI Research Centers. These centers will be spread across the country and explore ways to use artificial intelligence responsibly in various sectors. Health, Mathematics or ChemistryThe publication The Standard says.

AI also offers an investment package £19 million in support for 21 projects developing responsible AI solutions Budget already announced to improve production. Another 10 million goes to regulators. This amount will be used to train and prepare various sector regulators to deal with the issues and risks that technology brings. Supports the development of practical tools to monitor these risks in different fields.

Contrary to what is done in other regions and countries, the The United Kingdom will maintain its mandate to regulate the development and use of artificial intelligence among regulators that already regulate the functioning of different markets., such as financial system, education or digital communication. I don't want to create a new central regulatory system for AI problems because I think the distributed model is more agile and efficient.

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“A Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly, but we have proven that humans can advance equally quickly”, Minister Michael Donnellan defended in statements cited by Reuters about the country's strategy in this area. “With a proactive and sector-wide approach, we started to address existing risks immediately, paving the way for the UK to become one of the first countries in the world to reap the benefits of secure AI”, the Foreign Secretary also supported. Science, Innovation and Technology.

oh In November last year, the United Kingdom hosted one of the largest international conferences ever held on secure AI. It welcomed 25 countries and had the opportunity to widely communicate its global strategy for the region and announce some of these initiatives in advance.

During the conference, the The country also announced an investment of $273 million to build a new supercomputer, 10 times faster than the most advanced supercomputer in operation so far. Isambard-AI is expected to be operational in the summer and its mission One of the most powerful supercomputers for artificial intelligence in the world, capable of performing more than 200 trillion calculations per second. The announcement was made by Simon McIntosh-Smith of the University of Bristol, who guaranteed it would be “one of the most powerful AI systems in the world, open to science”.

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