British Prime Minister says rules on masks and social distancing will end from July 19

British Prime Minister says rules on masks and social distancing will end from July 19
Boris Johnson made a statement at a press conference today and caused a backlash from mayors, unions and health experts

Bus unions and mayors in London and the Greater Manchester area are reacting and calling for mandatory protections on public transport

Alexander Pelegy

In a statement on Monday, July 5, 2021, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that there are plans to end social distancing and the wearing of masks from July 19.

Boris’ announcement was considered inappropriate by many leaders and mayors, as well as public health experts, at a time when projections indicate 50,000 daily cases of coronavirus. Everyone’s warning is that the decision to reopen the economy now could force England to resume restrictions until 2022.

However, for Boris Johnson, higher levels of vaccination will provide a reduction in pollution rates in the summer, including the number of deaths at the height of the third wave of Covid-19. However, he himself admitted that he may have to re-impose new measures in the winter if new resistance variants emerge again.

In a statement via his spokesperson, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, responded to Johnson’s statement, saying that maintaining the mandatory rule of wearing masks on trains and buses would be “The simplest and safest option“.

As for Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, of the same party as Mayor Khan, the Prime Minister is running “unwiseGreater Manchester unions and mayors have followed the Mayor of London’s opinion, and have made clear that they want masks to remain mandatory on public transport.

In the statement on his behalf, Sadiq Khan’s spokesperson said:The mayor has always made clear that masks play an important role in giving Londoners the confidence to travel on public transport, which will be essential in our economic recovery, and as a tool to protect each other during this pandemic.. “

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The mayor’s comments come as some medical experts say they will continue to wear face coverings in crowded environments.

The British Medical Association has called on the government to maintain some precautionary measures after any reopening of the economy, including wearing masks in areas such as shops.

Meanwhile, the Unite Union, which represents tens of thousands of public transport workers, has warned that wearing masks should remain mandatory on public transport.

Alexandre Pelegy, journalist specializing in transportation

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