Expect truck driver and taxi driver assistance; See the new withdrawal dates

Expect truck driver and taxi driver assistance;  See the new withdrawal dates

Federal Savings Bank announce Prepaid truck driver and taxi driver assistance. The new dates were released for the release of the payment of compensation of one thousand riyals. It’s near the end! Find out what the transfer calendar will look like and check who is eligible for the resource in the coming months.

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Some still don’t know, but benefit The meaning can be transferred through the account in the Caixa Tem app. There is another option in Caixa branches. These two assistants are expected to be maintained until December this year.

advance payment

With the transfers in sight, the new dates become November 19 and December 10. Prior to the change, payments will only be made on November 26 and December 17. the last Pay It was October the 18th, Tuesday. The money was also released in advance, as it was only scheduled for the twenty-second.

Thus, there is now only the fifth and sixth installment left to close the Truck Driver Assistance and Taxi Driver Assistance Calendar. Just pay attention to one thing: in view of this progress in values, the deadline for sending self-declaration has also been brought forward by truck drivers.

For receipt in November, the period for implementing the procedure ends on the 7th of next month. In the case of December, the time period for personal identification Ends on November 28. You have to access the Brazilian Employment Portal or the Digital Business Card application to carry out the procedure.

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On the other hand, taxi drivers should pay attention to the registration, which should be regular at the city hall. It is the municipal executives who send the professionals’ statements to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, which directs the transfers.

More than 360,000 truck drivers have received the payments since August of this year. a Transfer The total is 1.03 billion Brazilian riyals. On the other hand, there are also more than 297,000 taxi drivers who served the same procedure, but worth R$877.3 million in the first three payments.

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