Boris Johnson resigns as UK ethics adviser | The world

Boris Johnson resigns as UK ethics adviser |  The world

Christopher Keat, adviser on compliance with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ethics and ministry ethics, submitted his resignation on Thursday (16).

Geidt was expelled as a result of a scandal in the United Kingdom when it was discovered that banquets were being held at government headquarters during the height of his imprisonment.

Boris Johnson, who said he was sorry to receive Christopher Cait’s resignation letter, said he was surprised.

Boris Johnson took charge of ‘Partigate’

Keat said in his letter that he thought the party could continue in office even after the scandal, but decided to resign after finding himself “in a state of impossibility” for a new order.

“I am tasked with advising the Minister on the purpose of the Government to consider dangerous measures that deliberately violate the law. This request has placed me in an impossible and awkward position,” he wrote. He did not elaborate, but said the prime minister’s idea that he could “deliberately break his own code” was an insult.

Johnson replied, “I will listen to your advice before making a decision on any matter.”

Keat is the second ministerial ethics adviser to resign in three years, after Alex Allen resigned in 2020 after Johnson refused to accept his findings on labor harassment allegations against Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Kayte is a former diplomat who also served as personal secretary to Queen Elizabeth II for ten years.

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