Biden announces a tax cut that will benefit 50 million Americans | international

Biden announces a tax cut that will benefit 50 million Americans |  international
Joe Biden, Thursday at the White House, after giving his economic speech.Evan Fauci/AFP

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US President Joe Biden on Thursday defended his social and economic plan to support the middle class and, in turn, fight poverty. The Democratic president has ensured that he will cut taxes for the most disadvantaged, a measure that could benefit nearly 50 million Americans, and increase them for high-income citizens. The White House had already floated the tax reform proposal as a way to fund the massive infrastructure and social coverage plans that are the core of its mandate. But opposition from Republicans and moderate Democrats’ rejection of a social plan with planned investments of $3.5 trillion has led the president to personally engage in the struggle, still in its infancy in Congress, to endorse the proposal. The $1.2 trillion physical infrastructure plan received bipartisan support last June, but a host of skepticism and concerns surround the handling of the social programme.

In a speech at the White House, Biden announced a “historic tax cut for the middle class” – which he has always known as the backbone of the country – while ensuring that big corporations and the wealthy must start paying their “fair share of taxes,” reversing the tax cut adopted during Donald Trump period. Therefore, as the White House announced in a statement Thursday, “setting the rules of the game [econômicas] Fair enough to ensure that the middle class, the backbone of our country, can finally breathe.”

“Over the past 40 years, the rich have gotten richer and big companies have lost their sense of social responsibility,” Biden said. He asserted that “ordinary, working Americans have been pushed aside,” defending his program as something that “could change the course of the United States in the coming years, perhaps even decades.”

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Biden wants to focus on his domestic agenda, which in theory will define his term, to set aside his discontent with a precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan. And silence, on Thursday, the noise caused by the unexpected announcement, the day before, of a strategic alliance in the Pacific Ocean with the United Kingdom and Australia. In a brief speech, Biden defended his social vision of the economy and was confident that Congress would green-light a massive package of measures that would expand social coverage in all areas, from early childhood education to care for minors or dependents, passing through. Through the scope of Medicare and Medicaid Social Security programs. “I know we still have a long way to go, but I am confident that Congress will soon send me the infrastructure plan. [com apoio] Biden, using the official name of the Social Coverage Program, said, “a bipartisan and Build Back Better plan that I’ve proposed.”

The president is expected to speak with House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Senate leaders Chuck Schumer on Thursday about the legislative agenda. The day before, he had met separately with two Democratic senators from the more moderate faction of the party. Centrists oppose spending $3.5 trillion, fearing the impact on public spending deficits, and rejecting a tax increase on higher incomes, precisely what the Democratic president announced Thursday.

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