NVIDIA announces new chips for artificial intelligence

NVIDIA announces new chips for artificial intelligence

Yesterday, Nvidia unveiled a new generation of AI chips and software designed to support AI models. This announcement came during the Nvidia Developer Conference in San Jose, as the company seeks to strengthen its position as a leader in providing technology to artificial intelligence companies.

According to CNBC, since OpenAI's ChatGPT fueled AI growth in late 2022, Nvidia shares have increased fivefold and total sales have more than tripled. Nvidia's high-performance GPUs are critical for training and deploying AI models at scale. Major companies like Microsoft and Meta have spent billions of dollars to obtain these chips.

The new generation of AI graphics processors is named Blackwell. The first chip in the Blackwell series, called the GB200, is scheduled to be released later this year. NVIDIA is working to entice its customers with more powerful chips to stimulate new demand, especially since companies and software developers are still struggling to obtain the current “Hopper” H100 chips and similar chips.

“Hopper is great, but we need more powerful GPUs,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said during a developer conference in California on Monday.


In addition to the new chips, the company also introduced a program called NIM, designed to generate revenue by facilitating the implementation of artificial intelligence. This gives customers another reason to continue using Nvidia chips, even amid increasing competition.

Nvidia executives point out that the company is evolving from a chip supplier into a platform provider, similar to Microsoft or Apple, on which other companies can build software.

Graphics processing units

Das added that Nvidia's new software will simplify running software on all of the company's GPUs, including older ones, which may be better suited for deployment but not for building AI.

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