Between fear and excitement, Brazilians are back in planning New Year’s Eve

Between fear and excitement, Brazilians are back in planning New Year's Eve
Marah New Year’s Eve party, which this year takes place in Boipeba, south of Bahia; Tickets sold out

Marah New Year’s Eve party, which this year takes place in Boipeba, south of Bahia; Tickets sold out (Philippe Gabriel / Reproduction)

With no white-clad crowds on the beaches, 2021 began under WHO protocols. As in the following months, the streets were empty during the carnival, and the sampodiromos were empty. But now, with 39.1% of Brazil’s population vaccinated to 100%, the New Year’s Eve parties are set to be a preview of the pandemic’s end.

In Rio de Janeiro, one million people are expected to participate in the city’s New Year celebrations, according to a statement from the city council, which previously stated that the festivities are “conditional on the epidemiological scenario of the epidemic in the capital.”

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On the northeast coast, from Bahia to Ceará, there are countless parties with the most sought-after Brazilian artists of the time. Pop, Electronica, Axe, and Foro are some of the musical styles that will blur the countdown to 2022.

Although juvenile producers focus on safety protocols against Covid-19, Luiz Gustavo de Almeida, a microbiologist at the University of the South Pacific’s Institute of Biomedical Sciences, said that immunization of the population should be accelerated by the end of the year.

Goodbye last year happy holidays

For Juliana Ferraz, Business Director and Partner at Holding Club, Itacaré is more than just a great destination in Bahia. 73 kilometers from Ilheus, the hometown of Ferraz, a Bahia woman spent her weekends and holidays in the village. In 2020, he fulfilled his dream of producing the first New Year’s Eve Nº1 in the city, with attractions such as Ivete Sangalo and Alok. The 2021 edition did not happen.

However, in April of this year, with vaccinations taking place in Brazil, the company decided to plan the party again. In four days of celebration, Anitta, Barões da Pisadinha, Banda Eva, Dennis DJ and Vintage Culture will take to the stage. However, the focus is not only on tourist entertainment, but also on the economy of the region.

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“There is a tremendous emotional memory, but more than that, there is a greater responsibility to the city and the community. For the event, we put several factors in the balance. First: the issue of security for the city, the community and tourists. Another point is the economic factor, which is to continue to build the city’s image and make savings. destination,” he says.

Security protocols for the event, which will last four days and expect between three and four thousand people per day, are varied. In an open space of 6,000 people, it will have two stages to divide the audience, test guests and staff (twice a day), and distribute alcohol gel and masks “to those who still don’t feel comfortable not using it,” he says. To enter the event, you will need to show your vaccination card. Although there is no hospital in the city, the event aims to transport potentially infected people to care in Ilhéus, 45 minutes from Itacaré.

Not far from Bahia’s capital, Ilha de Boipeba has to host the Mareh party, a party that has celebrated its turn for 16 years. Limited to 1,000 people since before the pandemic and tickets already sold out, the party will also request a negative test and proof of vaccination, as well as testing during the six days of the event.

Although seemingly bureaucratic, the protocols do not pose an additional challenge to the organization. It was difficult to organize an event for which a large part of tickets had already been sold out in 2020 – when everything was cheaper and the party had to be postponed again due to Covid-19.

“Last year I sold invitations to an event that cost X and today it costs twice as much. We had to be creative with the spreadsheets to offset this loss from inflation,” explains organizer Goga Rosselli, who also had to bear the costs. Way back to international attractions from abroad – at least half of the squad’s 34 DJ lineup.

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