BBB21: Gilberto acts as a presenter on “Plantão BBB”, dances live, commits “gaffe” with publi and watches Porchat take off his shirt – watch

Bbb Gil Plantao Bbb

Energetic! a “BBB in service” This Monday (3) started in a somewhat unusual way, with participation Gilberto – The last time I got rid of BBB 21. She was a special guest dog icon for the Anna Clara and brought up More of his work is “Tchaki Tchaki,” which includes fun new scenes with his way of being and comments about what made the talk of “Big Dos Bigs”. It is my world, see?

Touch Britney!

The program began in great style, with the sound of “Baby One More Time”, by Britney Spears, With the right to choreography typical of a doctoral student. “Oh my God! I’m so excited, because now I’m a broadcaster. Glory be to God.” […] My mother told me: “My son, you will triumph in life.” And she won! WL! But like that, I won in life after so much suffering. Because I was just excluded from Older Brother, I was included in the list, but the glory to God was not removed by force. ”He said at the opening of the attraction.

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Then Jill joked that he was going to take the place of Anna Clara. “Brazil, today I stole the job of a great person, a very special person. I have neither sadness nor wound. Life is life, the game is a game. I took her job, but since I feel pity in my heart, I asked her for an interview, right? From work now, right? Anna Clara! ‘Advertise. “How are you, Jill?”The presenter replied. Well, my friend, if you take over your job, it wasn’t on purpose., The former BBB commented, before they both played in the iconic “Tchaki Tcha”.

Play with Fabio Porsche

Even at the start of the program, Gilberto and Anna spoke to the guests, Fabio Porsche And Tia Má, when the comedian begins to take off his shirt to the voice of Pernambuco’s funk. “Look at our guest taking off his clothes, Jesus! Jill, you petting the dog. Naked Burchat!”She enjoyed herself. In the midst of the traditional dog, the economist quickly issued: “Oh, I’ll get it!”. But the announcer warned him. “He’s married, boy!”He commented on the redhead, making Jill come back: “No, I am taking friendship, like this, in the arms of …”.

Who also showed his strong support was Fabio Porscha’s wife, Natalie Mega, who appeared in front of the camera for an unexpected invitation: “Jill, come and live with us! We share Fábio!”. The economist, of course, did not deny the suggestion! “Ah, I will! I do!”Pernambucan said. Submitting your body on a national networkAnna Clara joked about her talk in relation to Fábio.

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Next, the program creator “the back door” He expressed his frustration with the leader’s last test, which culminated in attendance Phuk In the final “BBB 21”. “You were so bad that you left the thing you carried to Fiuk to win this event! Because every Brazilian’s last dream was Camilla, Juliet and you! Don’t do this with me!Porsche said to Gilberto. “I told Brazil that if it was a test in those days, I wouldn’t quit. But I was wrong, I let go.”, The latter commented by removing it from reality. Brazil is angry!

They even commented on the unforgettable Fight between Gilberto and BocaWhich expressed the expression: “I didn’t come from the rubbish to lose it in the landfill.”. But what is the discharge ?! I still don’t know, but we talk and don’t come back. We talk and everything is fine. Worse than her [Pocah] After we were well, he asked, “Jill, what is the dump?” I said: I did not know, my friend. But I will not lose my condition, shall I? Did not matter!”, The doctoral student explained.

Slip with an unexpected “general”

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Always loyal and unfiltered, Gilberto also made a mistake after watching himself on studio TV. The economist said he believed he was handsome at VT and was praised by Anna Clara, when he released a realistic sponsor name: “C&A everything”. The presenter quickly got past the position. Oh! Free Merchan, Brazil!The affected doctoral student said: “You can say no, right? My Lord!”.

loading …

Soon after, Jill answered why he wore his shiny social boots so much – he showed up at several key moments in the game. “That was because my mother bought it badly, and it was very expensive. Then I saw that it was beautiful and that it was sparkling. But did you see that he opened his mouth completely? But production stopped”The economist mentioned, letting the announcer laugh. The fourth place of the season also spoke about his friendship with Arthur and said that he had spoken to crossfiteiro on social networks.

Phuk and Juliet

As soon as Gilberto left the most watched home in the country, Vioc and Juliet They did Playful third wedding – This time, with the right to click. Jill, who had a lot of fun with Tresal, also spoke with all good humor about it. “I’m really pissed off, right? Because the dead aren’t even [esfriou]Huh? I didn’t wait, they got married soon, I just left. They didn’t jump in the pool … I just enjoy watching the scene. “Pernambucano, who stressed that everything can be solved with a good dog, said.

Web reaction

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There was nothing else! This particular post gave us something to talk about, so much so that it ended up being the most commented topic on Twitter. Among the series of posts, many were pleased with the kindness of the “BBB 21” character. “The trait that attracts me the most in a person, and I’ve come to this conclusion now, is charisma. I think it’s a beautiful thing. And Gil do Vigor is the salt of charisma. What an amazing guy!”TV Globo reporter, Rodrigo Carvallo, praised. “Jill continues to entertain, I’m in love, Brazil!”Lumina commented about the friend.

Others took time to remember how the entertainment icon also pulled off her unforgettable outfit. “The myths that have succeeded in wearing large sandals and flat shoes”In, we shared a profile, pointing out red Manu Gavassi sandals and shiny vigor shoes.

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There have been people who admire the duo’s live chemistry … have you ever thought about getting the two done on small screens? “Jill has super chemistry with Anna Clara, right? Loved the duo”Regian Alves commented. “I used to spend 24 hours a day watching Jill and Anna Clara together”, Posted by internet user Math. What’s up, Big Boss, have you thought ?!

The successful chemistry result was also reflected in the “Plantão BBB” audience, which reached between 10 and 11 points – one of the top marks in the recent evening program on TV Globo. No wonder, because there were many comments by Internet users on social networks. Check out the reactions below:

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It continues after the announcement

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