Women for Women: Isis and Giovanni Have a Final Reckoning | Come to me around – come

Women for Women: Isis and Giovanni Have a Final Reckoning |  Come to me around – come

Isis and Giovanni have a final reckoning – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

In Elas por Elas, in addition to explaining to Giovanni (Felipe Bragança) that she was looking for the best way to tell the truth, Isis (Rissa Pratilleri) wants to know how she predicted Chris (Valentina Herzage). After the two almost kiss, the activist will have a final conversation with Giovanni and try to warn him about the person he is getting carried away with.

“Gio, pay attention: I don't know how, but Chris must have heard the conversation I had with my mother and ran to tell you, isn't that right? Think about it!”, she would say.

“It doesn't matter how you found out. What hurts me is that you, my friend, whom I loved, whom I trusted, preferred to hide the most important truth of my life,” he will answer, giving another definitive answer.

“It's over, ISIS. There's no turning back. I don't trust you anymore. I'll never forgive you. Now do us both a favor? Forget me. Don't look for me again!”, the boy continues.

Giovanni will tell Isis that he cannot forgive her – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

“Is this what you want? Am I going to disappear from your life?” she asks, reacting this time.

“True. Our story is over, Isis. You will say, 'You have hurt me too much.'”

Before leaving, Isis will warn Giovanni about Chris – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

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