Cleo? Felipe Campos reveals the dispute with Sonia Abrau on Telethon TV News

Cleo?  Felipe Campos reveals the dispute with Sonia Abrau on Telethon TV News

Felipe Campos explained that he had a disagreement with Sonia Abrau on the Telethon stage on Saturday afternoon (11). The journalist was part of the digital influencers’ table at the charity event and ignored the A Tarde É Sua presenter’s presence on stage. Live on SBT, he mentioned all the celebrities who were in charge of the project at that time, except for his former colleague from RedeTV!.

Sonia Abraão shared the charity event’s presentation with Michelle Barros, Tiroliba, Flor Fernández, Marly Civada and Ciara journalist Afonso Barroso – who asked Campos to encourage viewers to donate to the AACD (Association for Aid to Disabled Children).

“Don’t stop making it all happen. Donate, donate, donate!”, pleaded the journalist, who swiped the entity’s Pixel Key while observing and interacting with the presenters on stage.

As Barroso spoke directly to Felipe Campos, Sonia Abraão remained dazed, looking at the figure in her hands and ignoring her former partner on the bench in A Tarde É Sua.

In opening their dispute, the journalist mentioned all those present, except for the former president. “Michele, Tirolipa, Flor, Marley, in short, everyone is there on stage having the biggest party. Because pixel, guys, is the most popular word in Brazil!”, he noted, creating an atmosphere that viewers noticed.

“It was very inelegant,” complained Old X’s Miguel Araujo on Twitter. “I thought it was ridiculous of him,” Vania Moreira wrote. “Lack of education!” Elson Lambertine lamented.

Others saw Felipe Campos’ stance as ungrateful. Leandro Oliveira commented: “He made sure to mention the people on stage to ignore Sonia. Who knew him before the gossip circle? Zero people.”

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Gabriel Silva wrote: “He is on Teleton precisely because of Sonia. She kept him off the program A Tarde é Sua even though the audience hated his comments on the program. Without her, he would not have been on the record.”

Podcast rejection

Link Podcast host Felipe Campos provided more evidence about his feud with Sonia Abrau on the show this week. In response to audience questions, the journalist was direct when asked about a possible interview with Sonia Abrau.

Bruno Araujo asked: When will Sonia go there? never“, replied Campos, in the can. Felipe Campos terminated his contract with RedeTV! after eight years at A Tarde É Sua to go to work at Jovem Pan in October 2022.

He confirmed at the time that there was no friction or disagreement that caused his departure. A year later, the influencer clarified that it was not an amicable agreement.

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