Barroso, who ran in a forum in the United Kingdom, claims to have told the ‘pure truth’ about the print vote.

Barroso, who ran in a forum in the United Kingdom, claims to have told the 'pure truth' about the print vote.

The minister’s promise that a proposal rejected in the House of Representatives would be manually submitted to the referendum angered President Bolsanaro’s allies.

Nelson Jr. / SCO / STFMinister Louis Roberto Barroso complained about the “defect of civilization” after being confronted in a forum in the UK.

Luis Roberto BarrosoMinister Federal Supreme Court (STF) And former President High Electoral Court (TSE)This Sunday, the 26th, when he attended the Brazil Forum UK in Oxford yesterday, he released a note reaffirming his full text. UK. During the event, the magistrate said, “the disgusting setback to returning votes printed with a manually printed public number, which is always the path to fraud, has been prevented.” The report led to a debate between Barroso and some of those present. “It simply came to our notice then. Nobody talks about counting manually, ”one woman in the audience replied. The STF member returned, talking about “you have access to the Internet”, “lack of civilization”.

Burroughs’ speech provoked the reaction of the president’s allies and supporters Jair Bolzano (PL). “Baroso Interrupted during a speech in Oxford. Manually withdrawing the printed ballot with a public number is an awkward setback, ”he said. In the last plan for the referendum printed by Mrs. Pia Kissis, There is no such thing as a ‘manual public count’, ”said Mario Frias, a former special secretary for culture and a pre-candidate for the Federal Chamber vacancy. “Baroso To create fake news outside of Brazil. You have forgotten that those who do not accept your lies will not be arrested there, ”said Union Vice President Junio ​​Amaral (PL-MG).

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Facing the echo of the case, Barroso’s office issued a note saying, “Truth shines by itself.” “The final text delivered by the Reporter of PEC 135/2019, which provided the printed ballot, stated explicitly: ‘Amending the Federal Constitution to ensure the right of the voter to verify the integrity of his or her own vote by visual verification of the record. “Says part of the report. “Therefore, what Minister Luis Roberto Barroso said is very similar to the true reality, the pure truth. As the Minister said, the printed vote, which was rejected by the House of Representatives at the right time, can bring back the path of electoral fraud. This is the position of the Minister who respects various opinions.”

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