On April 12 the UK reached the long-awaited group immunity

The second phase of the expansion will begin in the UK on the day and the final report is expected on the day About International Travel Boris Johnson will reach out to the country, through a panel of government special advisers The long-awaited group immunity Or herd. As of April 12, more than 50% of adults have been vaccinated, including those already infected with Covit-19, which reaches 73.4% of the total protected population according to the EFE.

The United Kingdom, which has vaccinated more than half of its adults against COVID-19, will reach the call “Herd Immunity” It was released this Thursday, April 12, according to University College London (UCL) calculations.

According to these analyzes, the protection of the population against the corona virus by vaccination or transmission of the disease, Reaches 73.4% of the population on April 12th, The date of the second phase of the expansion.

That percentage, according to experts at the university, is enough to say that the herd or group also has what is known as “herd immunity”, which is when a sufficient number of individuals are protected against a particular infection and act as firewalls to prevent the virus from becoming insecure.

According to the latest official figures, more than 31 million people in the United Kingdom have received the first dose of a Covit-19 vaccine and the second dose of more than five million.

This The situation in the UK compared to the United States, the European Union and EuropeFor adults receiving the first dose of the vaccine:

This is the situation With regard to complete immunization, With two levels of population:

Larger graphic can be found by clicking on the image.

Carl Freiston, an expert at UCL, said that more than 50% of adults have been vaccinated and that a high percentage of people are “infected” given the level of immunity they have, so they have developed antibodies to nature.

The second phase of the expansion

Starts next Monday, March 12th The second phase of expansion in the UK, By reopening non-essential stores, hairdressers, beauty salons and gyms.

The first phase began on March 29 and ended with a recommendation not to leave the house unless it was for essentials. The third phase is scheduled for May 17 with the resumption of international flights.

For now, Johnson’s cabinet does not want to hear about the trip in advance, and He continues to advise Brits to avoid booking summer vacationsAs we have in the United Kingdom, the scheduled date for international travel has not progressed.

The UK is vaccinating with Bioentech / Pfizer and Oxford / Astrogeneneka products, with Wales launching vaccines with Moderna this week

However, British regulators yesterday advised people under the age of 30 not to use the astrogenic vaccine because of the link between thrombi production and reduced cases.

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