Banda Tida represents Brazil at a UK festival –

Banda Tida represents Brazil at a UK festival -
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Musicians Carla Sosa and Ivon Jesus from Banda Tida are both based in the UK, but more precisely in Scotland. They represented Brazil at the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival. It is attended by youth from 10 countries. Banda Tita was founded 28 years ago by Master Neguinho do Samba, the creator of the samba reggae. Excited, Carla Sosa, granddaughter of Neguinho do Samba, talks about the opportunity to live in this moment: “Being a part of this festival is a dream I never imagined, but I had the privilege of making it come true. Bringing samba reggae and afro dance to another country is a huge responsibility. It talks about descent, the sense of recognition. It is very gratifying to be able to bring that tradition to the world. Today I not only represent Carla Sosa, but also Banda Tida, my grandfather and all the women who are part of this history.

To Ida de Jesus, Tita’s facilitator, “Being a part of the project is a huge responsibility; Take the tradition of samba reggae and neguinho do samba to the world. The host also says that the event is very interesting: the exchange of experiences and knowledge of other cultures. Deborah Sousa, the daughter of Nguyenho, the leader of Tida, insists that this band was the first female rhythm band in Bahia.

“It simply came to our notice then. We’ve watered down, saved what Neguinho left behind, changed lives, provided courses, worked on the self – esteem of many of them, and provided a career, ”he explains.

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In epidemics, the women in the group have had difficult times, but gradually they are recovering with courage and confidence. Tida is the power of creation, of change.

Buried eternity
Alberto Pita’s exhibition will be held in Sao Paulo

Plastic artist Alberto Pitta held his first solo exhibition in Sao Paulo. “Eternidade Soterrada is an exhibition in which I try to express not only my feelings about the moment of epidemic we live in. We are all forced to return to our caves, but above all I relate to the political moment in Brazil. I used a palette of rock symbols and colors and soft tones for me. Gave the expected result “, Pita defines. The 24 silk paintings will be on display at the Rua Silvio Portugal in Sao Paulo, 193 at the Galeria Carmo Johnson Projects starting this Saturday, the 7th. It is overseen by Renato Menezes.

Concert hall in Praça da Sé
The space should be designed by a French team

I only heard that the French group that won the offer for Palácio Rio Branco – to set up a hotel in Praça Municipality for 35 years, intends to buy two properties in Praça da Sé. It is proposed to set up a concert hall at the historic center. Last week, the team met with the directors of Afro Blocks.

Barbados in Bahia
The country’s ambassador, Tonica Thompson, followed the Bahian music scene

Tonica Thompson, Barbados’ ambassador to Brazil, was in Salvador following a Bahian concert. The diplomat has a great deal to do with Bahia and feels at home: he was on the run, walking with Margaret Menezes around Belorinho and having lunch at the Encondos da Marre in the Bonfim neighborhood. The country’s representative is a fan of Bahian cuisine and loves the palm tree. Barbados is in the Caribbean and is predominantly black, with my surname Chase deriving from Barbados. I am the granddaughter of the Barbados. I have been to the island twice.

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