A Brazilian military officer is developing defense simulation capabilities in the United Kingdom

A Brazilian military officer is developing defense simulation capabilities in the United Kingdom

As a strategic move to strengthen training capabilities and readiness of its troops, the Brazilian Army sent an Army Aviation Command (CA-East) officer to participate in the “Introduction to Defense Simulation” course at Cranfield Defense and Security (CDS). , part of Cranfield University, located in Shrivenham, United Kingdom, in February 2024. The program represents a significant step toward modernization and adoption of best practices in Brazilian military training.

Innovation and training in military training

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Renowned for its innovative approach, the course covers a wide range of topics related to combat simulation, including live, creative and virtual methods. Through theoretical instruction, group discussions, practical exercises and demonstrations, participants have the opportunity to explore the most advanced simulation techniques used worldwide. Speakers with extensive practical experience share their knowledge of the development and application of these technologies, providing valuable insights into how they can be implemented to improve military training.

Objectives and Benefits of the Course

The main objective of this course is to provide members of the security community with updates on the latest trends and developments in simulation technologies. This not only improves the training methods of the participating forces, but also ensures that the Brazilian Army is aligned with the most effective and innovative international practices in military readiness. The experience gained by the CA-East officer will significantly contribute to enhancing the Army's simulation capabilities, enabling more efficient and realistic training.

A commitment to modernization and excellence

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Participation in this course underscores Brazil's commitment to modernizing its armed forces and its continued quest for excellence in the training of its military personnel. By investing in the development of defense simulation capabilities, the Brazilian Army not only improves its operational readiness, but also strengthens its position as a modern and adaptive force capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

The experience gained and knowledge shared by the participants has the potential to positively influence training practices throughout the Brazilian Army, representing an important advance in the preparation and training of its troops.

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