At the age of 57, Jeff Bezos will retire with $199 billion – Iboka Negosios

At the age of 57, Jeff Bezos will retire with $199 billion - Iboka Negosios

Jeff Bezos, da Amazon (Photo: David Ryder/Getty Images)

Leadership Jeff Bezos almost Amazon It will end on Monday, when the CEO leaves the e-commerce giant’s CEO role as the world’s richest person. He retired from office at the age of 57 with an estimated fortune of $199 billionAccording to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Most of his wealth consists of his stake in Amazon properties and other assets. Last year, he received $81,840 in salary, and $1.6 million in other compensation.

+ Mackenzie Scott, ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, donates R$13.7 billion to charity

His wealth is 739,489 more than the average wealth of retired Americans at age 65 – the average age at which people retire in the United States.

Bezos’ fortune took off in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic boosted online sales and boosted Amazon stock. His fortune has increased by $75 billion over the past year.

He’s nearly twice as wealthy as the entire British monarchy, his wealth was estimated at $88 billion in 2017, and his wealth exceeds the GDP of some nations. Bezos earns more money per second than the average American worker earns per week.

However, the billionaire has been criticized. As his fortune grows, thousands of employees work in Amazon warehouses under appalling conditions.

Bezos will be replaced by Andy Gacy, the current CEO of Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud computing platform.

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