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“We cannot tolerate the return of the Coruna virus to the situation that prevailed before,” Boris Johnson said today, before the start of the annual conference of his Conservative Party in Manchester, northwest England.

Boris Johnson emphasized that his government had fulfilled its campaign promise by implementing “Brexit” (the country’s exit from the European Union) and widespread vaccination against Covid-19, and said he wanted to make “bold decisions” to meet EU priorities. British, such as employment, security and climate change.

“All of this shows that we have kept our promise and now is the time to move forward not only to recover but also to build back better,” he added.

The Conservatives’ major annual conference, which begins this morning and ends on Wednesday, is the first face-to-face meeting in years due to the pandemic, and Boris Johnson’s speech is due on the final day.

Boris Johnson was elected prime minister in July 2019, after winning a general election and after promising to “deliver Brexit”.

The conference is being held at a time when the country is experiencing a supply crisis due to a shortage of tankers to supply supermarkets and gas stations.

The government has repeatedly said that this situation is linked to the recovery of the global economy after the pandemic and the exceptional demand caused by the panic.

The British government announced, on Saturday, that the army will start distributing fuel at gas stations on Monday to ease the shortage in tankers, which led to the closure of many fuel stations.

Nearly 200 members of the armed forces, including 100 drivers, who have received emergency training, will be deployed to alleviate the situation that has caused long queues to wait for refueling.

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Despite the government and oil majors insisting in recent days that the situation has “stabilised”, more than a quarter of UK independent fuel stations continued on Friday with empty pumps, according to the National Retailers Association.

In a statement, the Cabinet Ministry (similar to the Cabinet), indicated that 200 soldiers, who are part of the Army’s Tank Corps, will provide “temporary support” as part of the government’s measures to combat the driver shortage.

The press release says the country “still faces challenges,” despite the fact that demand “has stabilized and more fuel is now being distributed than sold.”

It will also allow immediate temporary admission for 300 foreign truck drivers, who can remain in the UK to work until the end of March 2022.

The CEO adds that he is taking other temporary measures against the pressures on the food distribution chain, which is also caused by a shortage of labor, which is attributed to “the pandemic and the recovery of the global economy around the world”, refers to the document that does not mention Brexit, i.e. The country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Among these measures are the arrival of another 4,700 food carriers in late October, which will remain until the end of February, and 5,500 workers in the poultry sector will also be allowed to enter the country, with visas until December 31.

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