Ana Castilla has her first plastic surgery on her face; See the result – long live Vida

Ana Castilla has her first plastic surgery on her face;  See the result – long live Vida

Ana Castilla before cosmetic procedure
Clone / Instagram / @anacastelacantora

Ana Castilla, 19 years old, underwent her first cosmetic procedure on Monday evening (13), at a clinic in Londrina, Paraná. The singer, known as “Boyadeera,” filled her nose with hyaluronic acid to make it “straight,” as she explained to her followers. The artist joked in a video: “It won’t be a big deal, and it won’t change anything. You can see that I have a small speed bump, which if the car passes by me will fly away.” On her social network.

Because the procedure is quick and non-invasive, Anna returned shortly after to review the result, leaving her satisfied. “It was beautiful, gorgeous, very natural and just the way I wanted it,” he declared, see the result below.

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In a recent exclusive interview with p. 7Anna, who is known for her very long black hair, was surprised to reveal that she has actually worn her tresses in a bob – shoulder length. She also said she identifies with both looks, although the current look has become her trademark. “I’ve had short hair my whole life,” he admitted. “Actually, my first song goes ‘Chanel hair, it’s in the hat,’ because I had Chanel hair at the time,” she recalls excitedly.

Anna also declared that she doesn’t care about beauty pressure and was direct when asked about her goal of physical exercise and bodybuilding. “The focus is on growth,” he said with a laugh. “Shows require a lot of energy, and the gym helps with conditioning,” he explained.

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Before and after Ana Castilla fashion show

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