Domingão with Huck: The teacher is teasing fans because he almost becomes a millionaire on TV | TV series and soap

Domingão with Huck: The teacher is teasing fans because he almost becomes a millionaire on TV |  TV series and soap

Rafael Cunha on Domingão with Huck

The painting “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, displayed at “Domingão com Huck”, was among the most talked about topics on Sunday (26). The reason is that Professor Rafael Cunha has reached the final stage of the game’s presentation, something that has not happened since the creation of the project. On social networks, anonymous and famous people were encouraged by the possibility of a teacher becoming a millionaire.

One Twitter user said, “If Rafa Cunha earns 1M R$, I will be very happy! Thanks to his classes, I got a 920 in the ENEM newsroom and secured my ProUni. I even watch Luciano Huck to call him.” , to give an understanding that he was already a student of one of the participants in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. On the same network, Tata Wernick said: “Oh my God! My teachers are two questions out of a million! He has always been an excellent teacher. Even though I am a terrible student, I make faces.”

Despite the crowd, there were also those who didn’t care much about Rafael’s victory. Another netizen said, “Oh my God, the white guy and the little talker will earn a million Brazilian reals.” Another viewer asked, “Luciano will make a rich person richer, guys… what is this?”. Amid the praise and criticism, there were even those who mocked the country’s political landscape. One fan, criticizing the current administration, said: “Luciano Hack will give 1 million Brazilian riyals to a teacher. This man has already done more than Bolsonaro and all his education ministers.”

Despite the masses – for and against – Raphael did not win the Millionaire award. He decided to stop the race on the last question. What is the origin of the word “bluetooth”? Faced with the question, the professor decided to address it, but spoke in favor of those who had studied and persevered. Luciano Hack in turn spoke about the democratization of knowledge and was grateful that you were finally able to present the final stage of the game show.

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