Gilberto says: “I am ready to take whoever wants me.”

Gilberto says: "I am ready to take whoever wants me."

The topic was heated up in the fourth series ofBBB 21 “this afternoon. Camila de Lucas, Gilberto, João Louise, and Juliet talked about their preferences during sex And about those who will be associated with him in custody. The economist said it was 100% available:

If one arrives Stupid Here, I want to. Gilberto

The group burst out laughing. “Carla Diaz is looking,” Joao joked, referring to the episode he’s in Carla Diaz is back from the fake wall with her clothes Stupid.

Juliet in turn, He said he would take all of the brothers in the cast, But not at the present time. “I don’t mind picking someone here, but not at this stage of the tournament, when everyone has already made an offer,” the lawyer said.

Gilberto went on to affirm that he was ready to establish a relationship with someone: “I am here ready to take whoever wants me. I am here free and without hindrance, without fear of being happy.”

Then the economist spoke about his situation and how it will be when he leaves the house. “I am like this, the truth is this. I have to assume my reality. When I leave, I will need to be careful in whatever happens,” Jill said.

Before, He told a Pernambuco man what he liked the most at the time. “The slap that I like is the one that you hit and then press,” Gilberto said, mimicking gestures and making the group laugh. “And I like, Cami, to put my hands on my back that way.”

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“Your mom is watching this scene,” Juliet warned. “Mainha is seeing this now,” said Joao jokingly. Mainha: “Wow, son, I miss you … What is he doing now, at 3 pm? Camilla shall weird.

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