Amazon series gets the date and first photo; research

Amazon series gets the date and first photo;  research

Today, Amazon Prime Video revealed the first official image of its series, which takes place in a world Lord of the rings See above -, also revealed production release date: September 2, 2022. Information from Delivery time.

The broadcast platform did not comment on the character and actor who appears in the photo, with their backs upside down, contemplating one of the wonderful landscapes in Middle-earth. Amazon revealed, however, that filming for the series’ first season was completed today (02).

It was recently revealed that a file series of Lord of the rings It will cost about 465 million US dollars per season ($650 million), a record-breaking amount of television production spending.

Amazon signed a contract in 2017 to adapt a story J.R.R. Tolkien for TV. The deal says the company can tell stories from the second era of Middle-earth, including moments like the rise of Sauron and the formation of rings of power.

However, Amazon has not yet revealed the story it intends to tell, only stating that “In Middle-earth, the TV adaptation will explore new plots preceding the JRR Tolkien Fellowship for the Episode.

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