At BH, Demi Lovato epitomizes rock music and takes fans to raves – Cultura

At BH, Demi Lovato epitomizes rock music and takes fans to raves - Cultura
Esplanada do Mineiro with Demi Lovato broke up Friday night (2/9). (Photo: Natasha Wernick/M)

Who Was Esplanada do Mineiro Friday Night (2/9) saw: Demi Lovato, the girl who rose to fame as a teenage star from Disney, grew up and matured into a true rock star.

The singer took fans into a frenzy tonight in an exciting show. The floor began to shake at the start of the show, which opened with the tour’s title track and album, “HOLY FVCK,” which was released on August 19.

The audience also performed singing all the tracks of the playlist with such enthusiasm, which made the artist dispense with supporting vocals at different times.

Demi showed that the era of “Rukvato” is back. Tracks from the recently released album were mixed with other rock songs that have featured his track, such as “La La Land”, “Here We Go Again”, “Remember December” and “Don’t Forget”.

Connected (at 220 volts) with the audience, she performed “Skyscraper”, the hit song of her era “Unbroken”. Mineiro Square at this moment was lit up by the flash of mobile phones from thousands of fans who have been following it for a long time.

Moreover, the audience did not skimp on showing affection for the singer. From the podium, Demi could see a veritable sea of ​​homage, which includes hearts with lights, banners, and stickers saying “You’re my happy ending” and “4 EVER 4 US” (forever, for us). A reference to Lovato’s harmonious songs.

The performance of “29,” the song in which the artist vents about her relationship with an older man, was a highlight of that night. Before and after singing the song, the pop star made sure to thank her for the support she received by sharing the painful episode of her personal life, as well as the trust of those who were touched by her work and also felt the need to share. Trauma and pain with her on social media.

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After more than an hour and 10 minutes of the show, the singer invited the audience. The tip was “Cool For The Summer”, a 2015 hit song that is currently trending on TikTok videos. The arrangements, though, earned a very revamped rock N’roll.

Demi Lovato’s next stop in Brazil will be in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday (4/8), at Roc, Rio. Let no one doubt that Rock City will also shake.

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