Alex Patty, a teenager who has been missing for six years, spends his first night in England with his grandmother – Observer

Alex Patty, a teenager who has been missing for six years, spends his first night in England with his grandmother – Observer

Missing British teenager Alex Patty has returned home six years after going on holiday to Spain with his mother and grandfather. From Saturday to Sunday, according to the British press, the teenager has already fallen asleep in the United Kingdom and is back in the custody of her grandmother. Grandma Susan Caruana spoke to her grandson via video call after Alex, now 17, was found alone in the mountains of Revel, east of Toulouse, France. Now, the Oldham, Greater Manchester resident is asking for privacy for her family.

British authorities have not yet questioned Alex Patty, but intend to do so as soon as possible There are many facts still to be determined regarding his demise. Based on the findings, the authorities will decide how to proceed with the investigation and whether or not criminal proceedings should be taken.

Alex disappeared in Spain when he was 11 years old. Six years later, it was discovered in France

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According to the Toulouse prosecutor’s office, which held a press conference last Friday, Alex decided to abandon his mother (who does not have parental guardianship), informing him that she was going to Finland. The teenager’s mother and grandfather – who after taking him to Spain, warned Susan Caruana that they did not want to return – allegedly led a nomadic lifestyle.

The investigation is only taking place in the United Kingdom, so there are no international warrants for the arrest of mother Melanie Patty or grandfather David.

Authorities believe Alex’s grandmother’s mother is in Finland and his grandfather died “six months ago”.

On Saturday night, Matt Boyle from Greater Manchester Police explained to reporters that Alex was already at Toulouse Airport with a family member before landing in the UK. Despite being picked up by the police, detectives are yet to question the youth. They will do so “at a pace convenient for him” to determine whether it is necessary to proceed with a criminal investigation.

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“We still haven’t established the full circumstances surrounding her disappearance, but whatever happened, it could be a massive process,” Matt Boyle told a news conference. “He may be six years older than when he disappeared, but he’s still young.”

For now, the focus of British authorities is to support Alex and his family, ensure they are safe and make it as easy as possible for them to reintegrate into society, said Matt Boyle.

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