After the update, Tesla’s autopilot gets a serious error

After identifying a number of failures, Tesla Auto-Pilot had problems with each update. The last time was the automaker’s own independent steering and active safety system, which did some unnecessary braking at the slightest sign of approaching other vehicles, or often for no apparent reason.

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This is very worrying because it can cause traffic accidents due to the high degree of unpredictability of stopping vehicles.

The bug called “stealth curb” has been a frequent occurrence in Tesla Auto-Pilot for some time, but has only gotten worse after a recent software update, which is still in beta.

This problem has been brought to the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The agency, which is responsible for US traffic laws and guidelines, issued a statement about the failure after testing the feature.

Tesla users reported that the problem worsened after the brand’s cars switched to using array cameras Seeing Tesla To monitor traffic instead of what was happening with the use of LiDAR radars and the like.

The company, which does not intend to return to using the old equipment any time soon, has promised updates to correct the defect.

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