After the trial events, there were only 15 Govt cases out of 58,000 in the UK

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Good news coming directly from the UK: After several testing events involving a total of 58,000 participants over the past few days, only 15 people tested positive for COVID-19.

This information was recently released Telegraph (Via N.M.E.) And acts as an excellent signal for the resumption of cultural events, which are scheduled for June 21 in the European country.

Brit Awards, events, etc. at events held Badboy Slim Even football matches for the FA Cup with spectators at the famous Wembley Stadium.

Explaining the results of the research, The Telegraph Participants were tested before and after the event, and they had no control measures – that is, they had mobilizations and did not need to use masks, he says.

However, it is worth making some warnings: it is possible that new cases may arise as a result of these trials, although it is difficult to remember that some of those who have been tested have already been tested and therefore do not participate.

Nevertheless, the results confirm the initial evidence that the spread of COVID can be well controlled even in indoor environments with the right conditions, including proper ventilation and previous tests.

There is hope!

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